What do I need to know before I submit my first hat?

There are three critical things to keep in mind when creating your first embroidered hat:

Which style hat(s) do you want to offer?

We’ve got a wide range of hat styles and colors. Peruse the list right here.

How large (or small) should your design be?

For artwork size, we recommend smaller when possible. A large design can easily overwhelm the hat. That said, getting all those tiny details right is tricky. If you need to size up to support text or match the feel of your preferred hat style, do it. Read the rest of our artwork sizing guide.

What colors can you use in your design?

Last thing, on demand embroidery means narrowing down a pallete of several thousand thread colors to 15. The closer you can get to those colors in your artwork file, the more likely it is the product creator will be able to correctly identify them. Here’s the quick list of thread colors:

  • Brown (#713F2A)
  • Red (#BA2031)
  • Orange (#FF9600)
  • Gold (#FDD408)
  • Lime (#009A17)
  • Forest (#394B36)
  • Cyan (#0D9DDB)
  • Sky Blue (#A9C8F4)
  • Royal (#0139A5)
  • Navy (#122248)
  • Purple (#9757A6)
  • Pink (#E55584)
  • Black (#2D2926)
  • Silver (#C2C1C0)
  • White (#FCFCFC)

Check out the thread colors help doc for more resources.

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