Who pays the import tax?

All orders are subject to the customs, duties, and fees as assessed by the destination country. Orders shipped to the United Kingdom and members of the European Union include VAT at the time of purchase. Larger orders (typically greater than $150 USD) may have additional fees due upon arrival. If you have any questions about what that means, you should contact your local postal authority

Here’s what we we’ve been told by people who have ordered from the following countries:

Australia: As of July 1, 2018, it is now required by the Australian government that GST (Sales Tax) be paid on all purchases online including under $1000. Full details including the legislation document in full are available here. (Thanks, Azarel.)

Cabo Verde: You will be taxed if the total price (product price + shipping service) is over CVE 15.000 (approximately USD 150 / EUR 136). You will pay a 30% tax over the total cost. Otherwise, if the product does not exceed that price, you should expect to pay an ECV 50 (approximately 0.50 USD) fee, depending on the weight, storage time among other factors. For more information check this page .

Canada: 5-15% sales tax based on package value in CAD and province tax schedule. $9.95 Canada Post handling fee applied if sales tax is assessed.

Indonesia: See complete report from the Indonesian Post Office here

Israel: Under $75, the purchase will be completely tax free (woohoo!); $76-500, a sales tax of 17% will be added; and for a $501-1,000 purchase, sales tax + customs is added - a whopping 32.2%. (Thanks, Ornat!)

New Zealand: Orders below NSZ$1000 are exempt from GST and duties. New Zealand Customs were nice enough to provide a handy online calculator if you have questions. (Thanks, Hayden!)

If you know how these things work, email us and we'll add more information here.

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