What should I know when creating a drinkware product?

On demand drinkware is available to all Cotton Bureau creators. Just upload your design file to get started.

What types of drinkware do you offer?

In no particular order:

  • 20oz tumbler (brushed steel, black powder coated, white powder coated)
  • 20oz white powder-coated skinny bottle with a screw-on cap
  • 16oz clear acrylic cup with a lid and straw
  • 12oz white powder-coated can sleeves in both skinny and classic shapes
  • 16oz pint glass
  • 10.5oz old-fashioned rocks glass.

What is the printing like?

The printing on all of these products is UV which means full-color, slightly textured, and, unfortunately, not dishwasher safe. We don’t recommend full-bleed color because of the unprintable areas at the tops and bottoms, but anything else you can think of is fair game.

How do I make my artwork fill the exact canvas?

Just choose Max as the placement size, then use the following dimensions for your file:

  • Everyday Tumbler: 6116 ⅹ 3430
  • Pint Glass: 5476 ⅹ 2550
  • Skinny Water Bottle: 5004 ⅹ 4606
  • Everyday Straw Cup: 5934 ⅹ 2552
  • Rocks Glass: 5960 ⅹ 1394
  • Skinny Can Sleeve: 5382 ⅹ 3142
  • Everyday Can Sleeve: 5684 ⅹ 2240

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