What’s this about phone cases?

Cotton Bureau now offers on demand phone cases in addition to on demand t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and kids tees. Phone cases work just like tees. You upload your design, we take care of everything from there.

We’ve got two case profiles, tough and slim. There are two case finishes, matte and glossy. There are also two printing types, in-surface and UV. There are two supported brands, Apple and Samsung. Noticing a trend? Tough cases are what they sound like. Rugged (but smooth), made of an exterior polycarbonate shell and an interior TPU liner. These are phenomenal phone cases. We couldn’t be more product to be offering them.

If you’re more into the slim feel, the main difference is the lack of interior liner which results in less bulk (and protection). You get the same printing process on the outside and choice of finishes. There is also a MagSafe variant of the tough case and a clear variant of the slim case. All case styles and phone generations are included automatically when you create a product unless you explicitly exclude them.

Head on over to the product submission tool to get started.

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